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My room smells like rubber from my wonderful new rainboots, but it still smells like rubber. I'm so excited about going home, not as excited as earlier, but still. Many things today are very whatever. It is very late and I have to wake up in six hours. I think I will take a nap and a shower during kunch tomorrow and skip class. This is college I should be able to skip class without feeling guilty. Then I can have a long lunch later. I love long foodings!
I am proud of myself for having a good time tonight and also being productive. I chose to miss Grey's Anatomy and work on my Jewish paper instead. Go me! I am looking forward to seeing Maya tomorrow and my sister and stuff. I hope Pat can help me with my Jewish paper because I really need it.
I wonder what I am going to do ver break. In order to make it more relaxing I am trying not to plan as much as usual. When I get back to college I hope that some of the drama might have cooled down a little bit.
I don't know if this is because I am attracted to almost everyone or what, but most times when I am talking with someone about something serious I feel like there is some kind of attracting going on. It is very ennerving and makes me blush (in my head).
I wish that I could start sentances with a word other than 'I' but it doesn't seem to work most of the time.
I have started wearing my rainbowish striped scarf, little does everyone else know that I will be wearing it until May.
I need a shower. That is all I have to say.

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they just taste 20 bajillion degrees chillier than the rest of the world. So... I SAY!!!!!

excellent. are you enjoying your break? say hello to mom and chris for me.

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